The world's first full-intelligent concrete jet machine Changsha off the assembly line

On February 11th, the world's first fully-intelligent concrete jet machine independently developed by Tiejian Heavy Industry was accepted. For the first time, the equipment is capable of modeling the 3D scan of the tunnel injection area. It has functions such as automatic positioning, route planning, intelligent injection, automatic correction, and data exchange, which helps the traditional tunnel construction to be digitized.

It is understood that in the process of tunnel excavation, the traditional method mainly relies on the manual operation of the wet spraying machine to spray a certain thickness of concrete to achieve the supporting effect. Manual operation not only has high labor intensity, poor working environment, and high safety risk, but also has problems such as uneven injection measurement, unsatisfactory speed, and unstable forming, which affects the construction speed and quality of underground space support.

The world's first fully-intelligent concrete jet machine independently developed by Tiejian Heavy Industry was accepted

To this end, Tiejian Heavy Industry R&D team developed a new all-intelligent concrete injection equipment. The equipment integrates walking, pumping, automatic scanning, and intelligent injection. It automatically locates in tunnels. It automatically recognizes tunnel outline size, over-underage data, etc. through 3D scanners, and then plans injection paths to complete automatic injection operations. Through the sensor on the boom, the position of the spray head can be positioned and perceived in real time, accurately.

This equipment can not only intelligent operation, but also intelligent analysis. During the operation process, the data that affects the rebound rate of injection is continuously imported into the database, and the automatic matching of parameters is achieved under different injection states. The rebound rate is continuously optimized through the self-learning function to ensure the construction quality; the data exchange system of the equipment can be collected throughout the construction process. The parameters form a log, which is automatically uploaded to the cloud server. Data analysis is performed by professional software to generate reports and legends.

The project leader Zhang Tingshou, director of the Hydraulic Application Research Institute of the Central Construction Research Institute of Tiejian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., introduced the next step. The equipment will pass through a massive database of construction experience, a friendly data exchange system, and an intelligent operation control system to achieve a single unmanned operation. Injection operations.

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