Did you read it? 2018 New Energy Vehicle Subsidy Policy Details Reinterpretation

On February 12, the department in charge of new energy vehicles issued the Notice on Adjusting and Perfecting the Financial Subsidy Policy for the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”), clarifying the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles in 2018. “Electric Vehicle Observer” made an interpretation for everyone at the first time. See: Explaining 2018 subsidies for new energy vehicles: requesting upgrades, and swinging during the transition period.

The "Notice" is only 2174 words. The people who are interested should all read it carefully. However, everyone's understanding of the differences and doubts still exist. The Spring Festival holiday returns and we will interpret some details.

Do not implement new policies during the transitional period

Original :

"This notice will be implemented from February 12, 2018, and the transition period will be from February 12, 2018 to June 11, 2018. During the transitional period, new energy passenger cars and new energy buses that are on the market will be in accordance with the Ministry of Finance and Technology. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Development and Reform, Adjustment of Subsidies for the Adjustment of Financial Subsidy Policy for the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles (Caijian [2016] No. 958) 0.7 times Subsidy for the Standard, New Energy Trucks and Special Vehicles Subsidized 0.4x, Fuel Cell The vehicle subsidy standard is unchanged."


In fact, it is clear that in the transition period, the implementation of the old policy of discount subsidies standards. However, some people understand that in the transitional period, if they can meet the technical requirements of the new policy, they can directly follow the new policy's subsidy standard.

“Electric Vehicle Observer” consulted with authorities to make it clear that during the transitional period, even if the models meet the technical requirements of the new policy, they can only be subsidized according to the discount policy of the old policy, and the new policy will not be implemented.

Taking a 250-km battery-powered passenger vehicle as an example (regardless of the energy density and the multiplier of 100 kilometers of power consumption), the sales during the transition period will be neither the 44,000 yuan in 2017 nor the new 2018 yuan. The standard 34,000, but 4.4 million * 0.7 = 30,800.

In addition, the subsidy standard for on-board vehicles before February 11 was also clearly answered, and the central government subsidy was based on the 2017 subsidy standard. As for local subsidies, look at local policies.


Local purchase subsidies are not illegal

"Local governments should continue to increase the intensity of infrastructure construction and improve the environment for the use of new energy vehicles. From 2018 onwards, the subsidy funds for the purchase of new energy vehicles will be gradually transferred to support the construction and operation of charging infrastructure, and the use and operation of new energy vehicles. ""

The wording of the original text is "gradually changed to". It can be seen that the policy makers still accept that the purchase subsidies will be set up locally in 2018, but the amount and scope will be changed.

On the first working day after the Spring Festival came back, the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Commission official website issued the “Notice on the 2018 Shanghai Operational Procedures for Encouraging the Purchase and Use of New Energy Vehicles”, in which the “Application for Grant Funding” section is equivalent to reaffirming the previous “Shanghai. The city encourages the purchase and use of new energy vehicles."

For pure electric vehicles, financial subsidies are given in accordance with the central government subsidy of 1:0.5;

For plug-in hybrid (including incremental) passenger vehicles, and the engine displacement is not more than 1.6 liters, the financial subsidy shall be given in accordance with the central government subsidy of 1:0.3;

For fuel cell vehicles, a financial subsidy of 1:1 shall not be given in excess of the central government subsidy.

Outside of Shanghai, although there is no clear city 2018 local subsidy policy, local governments should retain acquisition subsidies based on local enthusiasm for encouraging new energy automobile industry and application.

Local directory difficult to cancel

"Local governments must not take any form of local protection measures, including but not limited to setting up a local directory or filing, restricting the issuance of subsidies, conducting repetitive inspections on new energy vehicles, requiring production companies to set up factories locally, and requesting vehicle manufacturers to purchase local parts and components. For other areas where local protection activities have been determined by relevant departments, the central finance will deduct correspondingly from the charging infrastructure for compensation funds according to the circumstances. All localities shall implement the new energy automotive products included in the “Vehicle Production Enterprise and Product Announcement” without discrimination. Exemption from restrictions, free purchase restrictions, and granting support for new energy vehicle license plates."

In previous subsidy policies for new energy vehicles over the years, the provisions for preventing local protection existed. Local protection can be said to fail for many years if it is marked by "listing" and "registration." This time, the new policy approved local protection, and put forward the punitive measures of “deducting charging funds for charging infrastructure”. Can it really work?

I am afraid it is difficult. The above punitive measures are not actually proposed for the first time. A similar clause is also published in the Notice on Launching the 2016 Annual New Energy Vehicle Promotion and Application Subsidy Fund (Second Batch) Liquidation and Charging Infrastructure Award Funds Notification issued by the five ministries and commissions of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on September 28, 2017:

"For local protection policies such as the establishment of local promotion catalogues or the request for vehicle filings, set up or disguised obstacles to limit the procurement of vehicles from other places, the amount of incentive funds will be deducted according to the severity of the circumstances. The deadline for the reporting of charging facilities for charging facilities is November 30, 2017. "."

In this regard, "electric vehicle observers" to the people consulted that the previous penalty clauses, whether there was once local government was identified as local protection, and was deducted from the charging bonus funds it?

According to the source, the compensation infrastructure for the charging infrastructure in 2016 has not yet been liquidated. If liquidation is completed, it may be implemented according to procedures, that is, it will punish the cities where local protection exists.

If the local protected city's charging infrastructure rewards funds are seriously deducted, the local protection phenomenon may converge. However, for the moment, Electric Vehicle Observer believes that local protection may continue.

Shanghai's 2018 version of the Interim Measures to Encourage the Purchase and Use of New Energy Vehicles still requires companies to record their companies and models as before. After the release of the new central policy, on February 22nd, Shanghai issued the “Circular on the 2018 Shanghai Operational Procedure for Encouraging the Purchase and Use of New Energy Vehicles”, although there was no mention of “registration” but mention of Shanghai Jingxin The Committee and Promotion Office commissioned a third-party professional agency to accept applications from manufacturers, sales companies, and vehicle models. The relevant information for completing the application will be announced. Whether or not the "relevant information" is called a directory or filing is irrelevant. There is still a list of models.

Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Commission had previously interpreted the Shanghai policy and said that, in addition to being included in the national catalogue, the model must also "conform to the city's regulations."

Predetermined ratio of operating vehicles to be clear


"The operating mileage requirements for other types of new energy vehicles for applying for financial subsidies will be adjusted to 20,000 kilometers. After the vehicles are sold on the market, a portion of the subsidy funds will be allocated according to the application. After the mileage requirements are fulfilled, all funds will be disbursed. The subsidy standards and technical requirements will be obtained in accordance with the vehicles. carried out."


The operating mileage of operating vehicles is reduced, and after applying for licenses, it can apply for partial subsidies. Compared with the previous version of the policy, it is very popular with car companies. However, there is no mention in the policy of what the “part” is and the person consulted by the “Electric Vehicle Observer” stated that the ratio needs to be clarified before notice. In addition, if the operating vehicles do not reach 20,000 kilometers for many years, there may be a policy of recovering some of the subsidy funds.

The above is the interpretation of the "Electric Vehicle Observer" who still has questions about the new policy. What do you think of this new version of the policy? Please go to the following questionnaire to select your evaluation, or you can leave a message to express more opinions.

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