Other beneficiation methods of spodumene

Hand-selected and flotation is the primary method of sorting spodumene, other methods such as thermal cracking process, magnetic separation, gravity separation and aid plays a minor role in the production of spodumene concentrate. (1) Thermal cracking ore dressing method The thermal cracking bene

Electrolyzed zinc ingots?

Product nature : Zinc is a silvery white metal, fresh section having a metallic luster, zinc hexahedral crystal, soft, malleable pure zinc, the melting point of 419.85 ° C, easily oxidized in moist air. Product use : Zinc has a wide range of uses , mainly for electroplating zinc , alloy manuf

A arsenic-bearing gold ore flotation technology

A gold mine belonging to the metal sulfide deposits, ore composition less complicated. Metallic minerals natural gold, pyrite and arsenopyrite, and a small amount of copper, lead, zinc and other metal sulfides, metal only for the recovery of gold. The main carrier minerals of gold are pyrite, arsen

Study on Beneficiation Process of a Low Grade Copper-Mo…

A low-grade copper- molybdenum mine in Xinjiang contains 0.29% copper and 0.004% molybdenum. The copper-molybdenum mixed flotation-mixed concentrate separation process was adopted, and the obtained indexes were: molybdenum concentrate containing 46.12% molybdenum, molybdenum recovery rate of 54.32%

Characteristics and sintering of vanadium-titanium magn…

I. Overview Vanadium-titanium magnetic iron ore is a multi-metal complex ore elements are iron, vanadium, titanium-based symbiotic magnetite. Panzhihua Mine is a vanadium-titanium magnet concentrate after magnetic separation. Because it is a grinding process, the particle size is very coarse. The c

Folding belt and cord vacuum filter

(1) Folding type vacuum filter The folding belt type vacuum filter is developed on the basis of the cylindrical vacuum filter. In addition to the cylinder, the slurry tank and the agitator, the components include a cleaning tank, a split roll, a tension roll, a guide roll, a washing water pipe and

Domestic megawatt high power millimeter wave steady sta…

[ Instrument Network Instrument Development ] Recently, the millimeter wave and terahertz technology research team led by the researcher Wang Xiaojie of the Institute of Plasma has successfully developed the first megawatt high-power millimeter-wave steady-state experimental system in China after