Good trucks have some new dragon M3 ready for you

In recent years, the rapid development of domestic e-commerce logistics, the growing demand for medium-to-long-haul freight transportation, and the ever-increasing standards of transportation aging. As one of the main vehicles of transportation vehicles, the development of trucks is increasingly challenged. Only by accelerating the upgrading can we meet the increasingly high logistics market demand. All major OEMs are also actively seeking changes in this status quo.

Positioning the high-end card in the high-end inter-city logistics, the new Dragon M3 came into being in this era. Based on the advanced technology of the Chenglong family heavy truck platform, Xinchenglong M3 has undergone an all-round upgrade in terms of safety, reliability, fuel economy, efficiency, comfort, etc., and is ahead of domestic products of the same class, boasting “light weight and brand tonnage”. Large, large cargo space, fast speed, and other characteristics, mainly for light cargo, express delivery, inter-city logistics and other efficient logistics market.

New Dragon M3

Prestigious and high-security

This is an era of face, and it is also an era of strength. The new Sung Lung M3 inherited the appearance of H7 high face value genes, family style Facebook, appearance domineering fashion, sense of the times, full range of technology. What's more, the new Dragon M3 looks pretty, and its high security makes the user who chooses it feel more practical.

As we all know, the phenomenon of non-death after a truck traffic accident is often seen in the media. It is completely shocked to be completely deformed and even destroyed by the crashed cab and scattered components. The accident can only be attributed to the driver's driving negligence and poor safety of the vehicle. Of course, there are also many cases of accidents but the driver is safe and sound, which is due to the high safety of the vehicle.

Based on the needs of vehicle safety performance, the new Chenglong M3 has made efforts in many aspects, and the “four technologies” will provide users with peace of mind. Firstly, the internationally advanced and domestically-originated keel frame structure cabs and integral doors are used, and the 1.2mm to 2mm high-strength steel bar is used as the frame, and the outer cover is covered with 0.8mm high-strength steel plate, which has double protection. All sheet metal parts are made of high-strength galvanized steel with high strength and impact resistance. Secondly, the core components are all world-class brands. For example, the key valves of the brake system and ABS are all WABCO products. The stability is as high as 99%, which is more than 80% better than that of ordinary valves, and the braking performance is more reliable. Thirdly, the standard composite brake drum has a wavy surface with an increased heat dissipation area of ​​about 15% and better heat dissipation, which is 3 times the life of an ordinary drum. It is particularly suitable for mountainous areas and heavy-duty conditions, and has stable braking performance. Active safety. Fourth, matching the front disc brake (optionally disc brake at the same time), good resistance to thermal decay, improved mechanical braking performance and stability.

Cab safe and comfortable

Light and fast to bring this effect to bring true gold and silver

As the logistics industry's living space is becoming more and more narrow, and the pressure of logistics companies is huge, how to reduce vehicle transportation costs is particularly important. New Dragon M3 complies with the trend and applies fuel-saving and lightweight technologies to lay a foundation for reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

It is understood that the new beam dragon M3 beam, leaf spring, etc. are used strong bearing, light weight of Baosteel super-strong steel plate, the performance is stronger than other materials used in the industry steel plate. At the same time, lighter leaf springs and lighter weight castings are used, and the vehicle weight is 200 kg lighter than the industry. If calculated at a line price of 0.4 yuan/ton kilometre and an annual mileage of 100,000 kilometers, it can generate income of 8,000 yuan.

"Dora" alone cannot satisfy the demand of customers for vehicles. In the logistics industry, where timeliness is increasingly strict, "fast running" is also indispensable. The new M3 Dragon adopts the European advanced streamlined design to optimize the wind resistance of the vehicle, reducing the wind resistance coefficient to 0.527 and the combined fuel consumption by 4%. Low radial resistance radial tires, high elasticity, wear resistance, low friction, effectively reduce the rolling resistance. Integrated fuel consumption is reduced by 3%. Adopting the leading domestic chassis transmission matching, high horsepower engine, Fast transmission, and low speed ratio rear axle, the power matching is optimized, the economic speed is improved, and the comprehensive fuel consumption can be reduced by 3%.

The data shows that compared with the same level of products, Xinrulong M3 economy can increase the speed by 10%, the failure rate can be reduced by 20%, the monthly attendance can be increased by 2~3 times, and the income per year can be calculated by RMB 1,000 and the annual income can reach 20,000 yuan. ~4 million.

New Dragon M3

It is not a dream to be good and save more

For logistics and transport companies, choosing the right transportation vehicle, the cost reduction and efficiency increase of logistics transportation has taken the most critical step. The new “two big tactics” of M3-M3 allows users to spend less and make more money.

The first trick: maintenance-free design, so that the cost of post-maintenance greatly reduced.

It is reported that the new Chenglong M3 Grand Assembly to implement a total of 30,000 kilometers replacement of lubricants, annual cost savings of 3,000 yuan; fuel consumption decreased by 10%, according to 100 kilometers to reduce 1.5 liters, oil prices 5 yuan / liter calculation, annual fuel savings of 7,500 yuan.

The second measure: Long V + car networking service system to help users operate efficiently and reduce operating costs.

According to statistics, the C+V service system includes three parts: smart vehicle terminals, intelligent management platforms, and intelligent operation centers. Among them, the functions of intelligent vehicle-mounted terminals mainly include collecting vehicle and driver information, back-end and driver information interaction, monitoring information display, and alarm reminding. The intelligent management platform mainly includes the functions of real-time supervision of drivers, goods and vehicles, back-end and driver information exchange, and back-end data statistics and analysis. Smart Operations Center monitors vehicle operations in real time, provides remote diagnostic services, provides fleet monthly operational reports for major customers, provides targeted driver fuel-efficient training, and provides post-sale performance optimization services. This system can analyze big data, optimize vehicle performance, optimize driving habits of drivers, thereby reducing fuel consumption and reducing operating costs.

The new M3, both internal and external, has set a new benchmark in the industry for the high-end card, providing the perfect support for the logistics industry to enter an efficient era. A good intercity logistics truck has been running on the road.

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