Vanadium extraction process for sodium vanadium slag

To ferrovanadium containing 6% water added directly soda ash, 8% iron, obtained after treatment of the sodium vanadium slag. The vanadium-containing molten iron has a vanadium removal rate of 60% to 80%. The sodium vanadium slag contains V 2 O 5 of 6% or more. The main component is a composite of NaVO 3 , Na 4 V 2 O 7 , and Na 3 VO 4 . Sulfur forms Na2S into the slag phase, and the desulfurization rate is greater than 80%; phosphorus forms Na3PO4 into the slag phase, and the dephosphorization rate is 60% to 80%. The sulfur and phosphorus content of the obtained semi-steel is lower than that of the finished steel, so that no slag or less slag steel can be realized in the converter.

The sodium hydride slag obtained from the treatment of vanadium-bearing iron water with trona has been subjected to an expansion experiment of vanadium extraction and recovery of sodium salt in Xichang 410 plant in Sichuan. The trona is taken from Wucheng, Henan, and Inner Mongolia Xilin Gol League and Ordos Lake. The trona is a mixture of Na 2 CO 3 and a small amount of NaHCO 3 , Na 2 SO 4 , NaCl. The composition of the obtained sodium vanadium slag is as follows:


V 2 O 5

Na 2 O


SiO 2








The process is divided into 6 steps: 1) carbonation leaching; 2) oxidation and purification of the leachate; 3) deep carbonation, concentrated crystallization and precipitation of NaHCO 3 ; 4) alkaline ammonium salt vanadium, preparation of metavanadic acid Ammonium; 5) After the vanadium precipitation, the ammonia is evaporated, the ammonia is returned to the vanadium, and the liquid is returned to the leaching; 6) the NaHCO 3 is calcined to obtain the soda ash and the ammonium metavanadate is calcined to obtain the product V 2 O 5 .

This process has a fascinating prospect in technology, and the expansion of the experiment has been successful and the product is qualified. However, the supply of soda ash was tight and it was not implemented.


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