Chalcopyrite leaching process

[Application No.] 03135210.3 [Applicant] Kunming University of Science and Technology [Public No.] CN 1462812A
Abstract relates to a brass ore leaching process of the invention, at a low temperature and pressure, using as a catalyst a silver salt, ammonium persulfate as the oxidant, oxidation of chalcopyrite leaching, controlling the temperature of 70-95 deg.] C, After leaching for 5-10 hours, a copper sulfate solution having a leaching rate of 96% or more and a copper recovery rate of 97% or more can be obtained. Since high temperature and high pressure are not required, the requirements for anti-corrosion and pressure of the equipment during leaching are not high, and the environment is not harmful. The silver salt used in the process is not lost. After the ammonium persulfate is regenerated, it can be recycled, and the production cost can be reduced. It can be seen that the invention is a method for leaching chalcopyrite with simple process flow, short production cycle, low production cost and high production efficiency.

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