The Use of NFC Technology Interpretation of Multi - related Semiconductor Industry Chain

Huawei P10, millet Note 2, plus a 3T and other popular domestic mobile phone choose to carry the NFC feature is what to do? On this issue, I believe everyone first thought is the mobile payment and bus card applications, after all, last year, Apple, Samsung, Huawei , Millet and other manufacturers have published their own NFC Pay way, accelerating the popularity of mobile NFC features. In January 2017, China Mobile officially released the "White Paper on China Mobile 4G + Handset Products". The report highlights that China Mobile will promote the layout of its strategic handsets in the form of huge subsidies. Having NFC capability is a necessary condition for becoming a strategic handset .

NFC technology introduction

NFC is an abbreviation of Near Field Communication, near field communication technology, also known as short-range wireless communication, is a short-range high-frequency radio technology that allows non-contact point-to-point data transmission between electronic devices within a distance of 10cm Exchange data. Compared to Bluetooth transmission more secure, faster than infrared transmission, with low-power characteristics, can be widely used in life.

NFC history of development

Speaking of NFC technology, we may not have heard, but this does not mean that it is a new technology, just not fire it. The technology, a compatible wireless communication technology based on contactless card technology from Philips and Sony in 2003, took about three months to complete and was compatible with the ISO14443 contactless card protocol. However, in order to continue the development of this technology and follow-up standardization work, the NFC Forum Association was founded by three companies including Sony, Nokia and Philips, including many domestic and foreign members. The overseas members include Motorola, NXP, NEC, Samsung, Enterprises Huawei, ZTE and so on.

NFC technology popular applications

Mobile payment

Compared with the two-dimensional code payment, the NFC payment security is higher, and the personal information security of the user is more ensured.

data transmission

Open the phone NFC function, select the need to transfer documents, pictures or contacts and other documents, and then aligned two mobile phone NFC area, back to back with the stickers can be transmitted. However, to complete the data transfer is actually Bluetooth, NFC just play the role of establishing a connection.

Bus card

Mobile phone replacement bus card process, not only requires mobile phones to support NFC capabilities, but also need to support the phone card card, users can not support the business hall card replacement, without changing the number.

In addition to simulating the use of a bus card, the NFC function can also be used to recharge a bus card. Open the NFC function, open the relevant APP to put the bus card on the NFC sensor area, you can recharge.

Smart label

Smart tags are some of the default features, and then through the phone to identify different NFC tags to complete the pre-set features.

NFC semiconductor industry chain


A complete NFC ecosystem, and with the bus card company has a good relationship of cooperation. NFC global market accounted for more than 75%, Apple iPhone 7 / Samsung Galaxy S7 are using NXP's NFC. But now NXP has been acquired by Qualcomm, follow-up non-Qualcomm platform, NFC support what will happen, it is still unknown.


Previously a Samsung Moible NFC supplier. Relatively speaking, the market share is lower. How to deal with the changing Chinese market after the acquisition by Avago is still unknown.


Currently mainly for Samsung Mobile, other handset manufacturers with less.


August 2016 Acquired all assets of AMS NFC and RFID reader, together with ST's own NFC Controller and SE, shows ST's determination to compete in the NFC market.


There is a NFC Controller, but because NFC is needed to build the entire ecosystem. Before NFC was tepid, MediaTek was not active in setting up the NFC ecosystem, so there were fewer scenarios to use. But also involves some other factors. Whether the follow-up will be able to enter the domestic financial security field is not clear.

Kun Rui:

At present, there is a very good industrial chain layout, and some NFC mobile phones and hand ring payment clients have been made and mass-produced. The disadvantage is that only card simulations can be done at this time, and the NFC reader function can not be implemented. With NFC card reader chip, mid-volume production this year.

Fudan Micro:

Drop ring and other NFC bracelet is used Fudan Microelectronics products, the current Shanghai bus card related products, the main supplier.

The chip company has been layout NFC for many years, the current market is mainly NXP occupation. I believe that China Mobile forced the request of NFC, it is bound to promote the various chip companies NFC investment. Also hope to see domestic companies such as Rucker, Fudan Microelectronics and so on as soon as possible. After all, security payments still need to have a domestic chip to join.

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