China's ultra-high-energy density lithium-air battery technology has made important progress

April 1, according to the Ministry of Science and Technology, the key state key research and development program of new energy vehicles key project 2016 annual project - long life force lithium battery new materials and new system research has been in the ultra-high energy density lithium-air battery technology research has made Important progress, the concept of solid-state lithium-air batteries into reality.

It is reported that the research team focused on lithium-air battery dual-function electrocatalyst materials, high-capacity air cathode materials, high security gas-tight double-sided protection of lithium metal anode materials and high chemical stability of the four key materials for electrolyte research and development to develop a solid Lithium-air battery from the material matching to prototype devices integrated new technology. The research results have initially solved the core scientific problems of solid-state lithium-air batteries and successfully demonstrated the feasibility of solid-state lithium-air batteries.

At present, the developed solid-state lithium-air battery has realized the reversible charging and discharging of the batteries. With the subsequent technical optimization and innovation, the performance of the battery such as energy density and power density will be significantly improved. The energy density of the liquid lithium-ion battery developed by the team has reached 780Wh / kg, which will significantly improve our technical capability in high-energy-density batteries.

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