Three-layer electrode structure design to improve the energy density of lithium batteries 30%

Yang Yuan, an assistant professor of materials science and engineering at Columbia University, has developed a completely new approach to improving the energy density of lithium-ion batteries. His three-layer structure of the electrode in the exposed air environment to maintain stability, making the battery more durable, manufacturing costs further reduced. The study can increase the energy density of lithium batteries 10-30%, the related papers in early October published in the "Nano Letters" journals.

Comparison of Graphite / PMMA / Li Triple-Layer Electrode Before (Left) and After (Right) Dipping in Battery Electrolyte for 24 Hours. The triple layer electrode is stable in air prior to immersion in the electrolyte. After soaking, lithium reacts with graphite and the color turns yellow. Image Source: Columbia University

"When lithium batteries are first charged, they lose up to 5-20% of their energy on the first cycle," said Yang Yuan. "We have been able to avoid this loss through structural improvements. At the same time, our The method has great potential to increase battery life and is expected to be used in portable electronics and electric vehicles. "

During the first charge after it is produced, a portion of the electrolyte in the lithium battery changes from liquid to solid due to the reduction reaction and adheres to the negative electrode of the battery. This process is irreversible, reducing the battery's stored energy.

With current electrode fabrication technology, this process has a loss of about 10%, but for high capacity next-generation negative materials, such as silicon, the loss will be 20-30%, which will greatly reduce the battery The actual available capacity.

The Vertical Fluid Bed Dryer is a batchwise dryer. It is used to dry particles or fine powders. The heat source can be electricity or steam.

Principle of working of Vertical fluid bed dryer

When air is purified and heated, it is introduced from the bottom of induced-draft fan and passed through the screen plate of raw material. In working chamber, the state of fluidization is formed through stirring and negative effect. The moisture is evaporated and removed rapidly and the raw material is dried quickly.

Features of Vertical fluid bed dryer

1,The structure of fluidization bed is round so as to avoid the dead angle

2,Inside the hopper there is a stirrer in order to avoid agglomeration of raw material and forming canal of flow

3,The granule is discharged through the method of turning over. In this way it is very convenient. The discharging system can be designed as required too

4,It is operated at the condition of negative pressure and seal. The air is filtered. Therefore it is simple in operation and convenient in clean. It is an ideal equipment that is in conformity with the requirements of GMP.

5,The drying speed is fast and the temperature is uniform. In general, the drying time is 15-45 minutes each batch

 In addition to them,we also production the vibration fluidized bed dryer.

Vertical Fluid Bed Dryer

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