Using soil acidity recorder to prevent soil acidification in greenhouses

With the rapid development of facility agriculture, greenhouses are growing in various parts of the country. However, due to unreasonable fertilizers, many greenhouse greenhouse soil acidification problems occur in varying degrees, while vegetables grow under such soil conditions. Not only do the growing conditions worsen, but the yield and quality begin to drop seriously, various diseases occur frequently, and the resistance of plants is severely reduced. Therefore, to improve the benefits of greenhouse planting, soil acidity recorders are needed to carry out the current greenhouse soils. Scientific detection, through the rational use of various fertilizers, to adjust the soil to a healthy state.

Soil acidity recorder

Soil acidity recorder is a professional instrument for determining soil acidity. During the process of soil improvement, soil acidograph data is often used as an important basis for formulating soil improvement programs. Soil acidity records are used to prevent soil acidification in greenhouses. The instrument can also play an important role. For example, soil acidity recorder can periodically detect the soil of greenhouses, so that the health status of greenhouse soil can be known in time. If acidification occurs, measures can be taken to prevent soil acidification. The degree is further serious. In addition, different crops have different pH environment requirements for the soil. Therefore, using soil acidity recorders for monitoring will help workers to adjust the soil to a suitable soil pH range through scientific methods, and create high-quality and high-yield greenhouse crops. basic condition.

With the popularization and popularization of greenhouses, the greenhouse soil as the basis for greenhouse cultivation, its safety and health issues need special attention, and the application of soil acidity recorders to greenhouse soil testing projects, but also to prevent greenhouse soil acidification and improve greenhouses Soil quality and technical support were provided. With the help of it, the soil quality of greenhouses was significantly improved, the input of beneficial microorganisms was increased, the decomposition of organic materials was promoted, the utilization rate of fertilizers was increased, and the occurrence of diseases was suppressed. The economic growth of planting is very obvious.

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