The car key is lost. How can we start the car?

The car's key is equivalent to the car's lifeline and it's about its launch. But there are always careless car owners in the life, lost or forgotten the car key somewhere. How do we start the car when this happens?


1, use a spare key. Usually when we buy a car, the 4S shop sells the car generally to the owner of the two keys, a commonly used and a spare. Usually the spare key we usually put in another place, but it is important to remember that the spare key should not be placed in the car, to avoid the door locked and difficult to remove the key. The best way is to place it at home. When the key is lost, use the spare key directly.

2, find the unlock company. If our common car key is lost and we are away from home and cannot get the spare key in time, the best way is to find the company. Of course, when looking for a lock-out company, we must also pay attention to it. It is better to find some well-known lock-out companies and better-known unlock companies. Avoid our car being hurt when unlocked.


3, mobile phone remote unlock. Some car owners' mobile phones are estimated to have a car cloud key service installed. With this feature of the mobile phone, if the master car key is lost, the car can be used to control the car to unlock the car. Although this method is the best and fastest, after all, there are fewer owners and there are certain restrictions. Another point is that this function is also not useful in remote areas, because the poor signal of the mobile phone directly affects the use of the unlocking function.

4, find car networking customer service unlock. Some car owners may join the back-end service of the car network. In this case, if the car is locked, the car owner can call the car networking customer service phone for help. Only need to provide authentication, after confirming that you are the owner, you will unlock the lock in the back of the car networking. However, this function has the same limitations as the remote control, and cannot be implemented when the signal is not good.

These are the ways in which we can conclude how to properly open the doors when the car keys are lost. We hope to help the owners.

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Automatic cleaning machine for welding gun: save time, improve efficiency, stable welding quality

In general, we are accustomed to the use of hand loosened gun mouth cleaning, finished and then screwed back. However, this approach is not safe, waste of time, and may be due to the tightness of welding will directly affect the efficiency of finished product quality.
    For these reasons, Akodi developed an automatic cleaning machine for welding gun. After programming, the machine will automatically clean the gun. The process will only take less than one minute to achieve a thorough cleaning effect. However it will take up to 10 minutes for the traditional method. It will not only clean the gun nozzle by injecting oil but also cut wires.

Measurement/ Model




wire cutting/cleaning/injection

Control Method



Motive power



Rated input voltage


AC 220V




Input gas



Wire Shearing time



Gun cleaning time



Oil injection time



Equipment size (L*W*H)



Package size (L*W*H)







Automatic Cleaning Machine For Welding Gun

Other Material Handling Equipment

Tool Trolley For Workshop,Container Loading Ramp,Stationary Dock Ramp,Aluminum Alloy Lifting Platform

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