This is a true warrior, born out of cross country


Brought to you today is the Beiqi Warriors pickup. It is reported that Beiqi will soon launch a Warrior pickup truck based on the five Warriors edition. The Warriors pickup will adopt a single row and two seats and will be a true cross-country pickup truck type. The Beiqi Warriors can be said to be one of the few real purely hard-core off-road vehicles that are born almost for the sake of the wild.


In terms of appearance, the front face and the cockpit part of the car are exactly the same as the five-door Warrior. The front side is square and the front bumper is directly exposed steel. Don't worry about being omitted like some Japanese cars and Volkswagen models. Collision steel beam.


And from the B pillar is the cargo box, and the common two-row pickup is different, at first glance this is a practical pickup. In addition the car will also have two wheelbase versions, the short axis wheelbase is 2850mm, and the long axis wheelbase is 3035mm.


In terms of power, the Warrior pickup version will provide the Shenyang Aerospace Mitsubishi 2.0T petrol engine and the Isuzu 2.8T diesel engine. The car will also use the same four-wheel-drive system as the five-door Warriors, and the off-road performance will be indisputable. As a purely off-road pickup, its off-road performance will be even more fierce than the smooth and F150.

The tail of the car's cargo box is also very special. The rear baffle adopts a lateral opening instead of a traditional pickup opening downwards. This should be the direct removal of the upper half of the five-door Warriors.

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