Experts are hot: based on the supply side to reform and develop advanced manufacturing

“Manufacturing industry is the most concentrated field of all kinds of resource elements, and the main battlefield for structural reforms on the supply side.” At the “Made in China 2025 Summit” held on September 22nd, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Military Affairs and People’s Propulsion Promotion Department Director Zhou Shaoqing said that at present, China's manufacturing industry is facing some outstanding contradictions and problems, mainly in terms of structure and supply side. Pushing forward the structural reform on the supply side is an inevitable requirement for speeding up the building of a powerful country in China.
According to Zhu Sendi, honorary director of the China Machinery Industry Federation’s expert committee and member of the National Strategy Committee for Manufacturing Powerful Country Construction, supply-side problems are mostly related to manufacturing, and supply-side reforms create a better space for manufacturing development. Zhong Zhihua, the president of Tongji University and the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that the five major projects and the six key areas of “Made in China 2025” will directly promote the accelerated development and transformation of automobiles.
Chen Fang, vice chairman of the Sichuan Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference, pointed out that Sichuan Province should play an important role in the equipment manufacturing industry in the strong industrial provinces, and accelerate the structural reforms on the supply side, with “three visits, one reduction, one supplement,” and “one mention, one creation, one training.” "To grasp the needs of the supply side to promote the adaptability and flexibility of changes in demand, continue to enhance the driving force of innovation and development, and promote the development of new technologies, new industries, and new business development.

Push forward the reform of the supply side, speed up the construction of a strong manufacturing country

Historical experience shows that industry has always been the foundation of economic and social development in a country and a region. To become a truly economic power, China must strive to build a manufacturing power. Zhou Shaoqing stated that "Made in China 2025" is a program of action for promoting the building of a powerful manufacturing country in China. As the first ten-year action plan for building a three-decade “three-step” strategy for building a powerful country, “Made in China 2025” depicts the direction and path of manufacturing in China from big to strong. The “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” outline clearly stated that in-depth implementation of “Made in China 2025” should be focused on improving manufacturing innovation and basic capabilities, and the integration of information technology and manufacturing technologies should be the main line to foster new competitive advantages in the manufacturing industry. Realize the industry towards high-end.
"Promoting structural reform at the supply side is an inevitable requirement for accelerating the construction of a powerful country in China." Zhou Shaoqing pointed out that manufacturing is the main battlefield for advancing structural reforms on the supply side. Pushing forward the structural reform on the supply side is a major measure taken by the Party Central Committee as a whole to review the overall situation and assess the situation, and it is also an inevitable requirement for speeding up the building of a powerful nation. At present, China's manufacturing industry faces some outstanding contradictions and problems, which are mainly reflected in the structure and supply side. In the new round of industrial reform, the focus is on the supply side. The essence is to change the manufacturing mode and development mode, further increase the flexibility and adaptability of supply to demand, strengthen the leading role of innovation, and optimize the supply system by optimizing the allocation of factors. The quality and benefit of the company will accelerate the formation of new growth drivers, push the manufacturing industry to a new high-end, and achieve a historic leap in manufacturing.
“Supply-side reform has created a better space for the development of the manufacturing industry.” Zhu said that currently, there is room for improvement in the development space and environment of the manufacturing industry. "Made in China 2025" is a program of action for China's manufacturing industry that has undergone major changes for nearly a decade. It is also a powerful move to promote supply-side reform.
There are six major problems in China's manufacturing industry: the lack of independent innovation capability, the unreasonable industrial structure, the slow growth of economic efficiency, the relatively weak quality base, the low efficiency of resource utilization, and the low level of industry informatization.
So, where do six aspects of improvement need to start? Zhu Sendi stated that after research, the development of China's manufacturing industry should begin by improving efficiency and quality, focusing on independent innovation, optimizing the industrial structure, achieving double excellence in scale and efficiency, and satisfying various needs.
Judging from the current "L-shaped" trend of China's economy, China's manufacturing industry must abandon the original development model and thinking style, establish a new development concept, and seek new development from innovation, integration, green, and services. Zhu Chendi told reporters that from the supply side, based on the lack of effective demand for manufacturing, effective supply is insufficient. Therefore, we must increase the quality and efficiency, transform and upgrade, and gradually enter the forefront of manufacturing power. This is also the prospect described by "Made in China 2025."
Zhu Sendi emphasized that "Made in China 2025" promotes supply-side reform, requires structural adjustment, promotes innovation, promotes integration, educates talents, and focuses on reform and creation. First, efforts will be made to dissolve excess production capacity and dispose of zombie enterprises to reduce inefficiency and low-end supply. The second is to replenish innovation capabilities, quality brands and shortcomings in the industrial base, and expand effective and mid-range supply. The third is to effectively reduce the overall cost of the enterprise and release the vitality of the development of the micro entity. The fourth is to promote the deep integration of the manufacturing industry and the Internet to resolve the mismatch between the supply and demand structure.
2016 is the first year of the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” and the year of full implementation of “Made in China 2025”. Chen Fang said that as a pilot zone for comprehensive innovation reform, Mianyang, as the only science and technology city in China, is intensifying the cultivation and introduction of high-tech industries and strategic emerging industries to promote the sustained and healthy development of the manufacturing industry. Chen Fang said that Sichuan Province should play an important role in the equipment manufacturing industry in industrial provinces, but also to further enhance the status of equipment manufacturing in the global manufacturing value chain, and promote sustainable and healthy development of manufacturing in Sichuan Province. According to reports, the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government have jointly issued the "Sichuan Province General Plan for Promoting Supply-side Structural Reforms," ​​clarifying the general requirements, overall objectives, implementation path, and supporting policies for Sichuan Province to promote supply-side structural reforms. Taking “Three Goes, One Downs, One Subsidy” and “One mention, one creation and one training” as the starting point, we will increase the adaptability and flexibility of the supply side to changes in demand, continue to enhance the driving force for innovation and development, and promote new technologies, industries, and new technologies. The business is booming.
Zhou Shaoqing stated that Sichuan, as a large manufacturing province in the western region, has achieved fruitful results in the development of advanced manufacturing models, extension of industrial chains, optimization of industrial layout, and improvement of corporate competitiveness. As the only science and technology city in the country, Mianyang will use this forum as an opportunity to actively strive to create a nationwide “Pilot Made in China 2025” demonstration pilot city and strive to explore experiences that can be replicated and promoted. It will be the first to implement the “Made in China 2025” breakthrough.

Implementing "Made in China 2025" Doing Well "Three Manufacturings"

“Intelligent manufacturing is the main direction of “Made in China 2025.” Smart manufacturing is a major trend in the development of manufacturing, and is the main direction for China’s advancement of integration in the next period. It is an inevitable choice to build a new manufacturing system, and it is also to promote manufacturing. It is important for Zhou Shaoqing to step up to the mid-to-high end and build a manufacturing powerhouse.” Zhou Shaoqing emphasized that we must firmly grasp this major direction, promote the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing technology, and promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industries and development. In order to implement the strategic deployment of manufacturing powerhouses, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology launched a special pilot demonstration project for smart manufacturing last year. It plans to develop and promote effective experiences and models through three-year exploration efforts to accelerate the overall development of smart manufacturing in China's manufacturing industry.
Since the publication of “Made in China 2025”, all sectors of society have responded strongly, effectively guiding the effective aggregation of various social resources, and promoting the development of high-end, smart, green and service industries. Zhou Shaoqing introduced that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has mainly carried out work in three areas. The first is to compile and publish the "1+X" plan. "1" refers to "Made in China 2025" as a program of action; "X" refers to 11 guidelines as a supporting measure. At present, the “1+X” planning system framework has basically taken shape. The second is to formulate a batch of supporting policies, detailed breakdown of the "Made in China 2025" policy measures, promulgated and implemented a number of supporting policies. Started major construction projects such as manufacturing innovation centers, smart manufacturing, green manufacturing, and industrial strength bases, and piloted urban demonstration projects. The third is to strengthen guidance for the development of differentiated local regions. Prepared and issued the “Guidelines for the Implementation of China's Manufacturing 2025 by Province and City (2016)”, researched and established the industrial basic big data platform, and actively guided the differentiation of local industries.
Why smart manufacturing as the main direction of attack? Zhu Sendi said: “I think that at least three aspects can provide impetus and change to the development of China’s manufacturing industry. First, modern manufacturing industry meets the requirements of customization through intelligent manufacturing, improves efficiency and quality, optimizes the environment, and improves our operating environment. To improve the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, the second is to change the manufacturing model through smart innovation, change to a low-cost, service-oriented, environment-friendly model, so as to adapt to changes in the development model. Third, we can accelerate the development of new industries, thus changing our present The structure of the manufacturing industry."
Zhu Chendi emphasized that in the next ten years, we must do a good job of "three manufacturings," namely, smart manufacturing, service-oriented manufacturing, and green manufacturing. These are inseparable from the strengthening of industrial strength and quality brands.
Among them, green manufacturing will boost the quality and efficiency of the manufacturing industry. There are four key green manufacturing tasks: the demonstration and promotion of green transformation of traditional manufacturing; demonstration and application of green recycling of resource recycling; demonstration and application of green manufacturing technology and industrialization; and pilot construction of green manufacturing system.
Through service-oriented manufacturing, China's manufacturing industry has been improved from the current low-end and production-based manufacturing to the mid-to-high end. In other words, we can adjust the structure, promote transformation, build a service + product model, and nurture our new capabilities for manufacturing development.
How can service-oriented manufacturing advance? What kind of manufacturing industry is China's manufacturing industry in the future? Zhu Chendi believes that the current manufacturing industry is still selling products, and the future manufacturing industry is a combination of service and product. He said that now we are in order to meet the functional requirements and in the future it is to meet the needs of customers.
At the same time, Zhu Sen said that in the direction of smart manufacturing, green manufacturing and service-oriented manufacturing, it is necessary to pay attention to the key technologies of green manufacturing and key technologies for service-based manufacturing. These technologies are conducive to our effective promotion. Service-oriented manufacturing, smart manufacturing and green manufacturing. Therefore, through the promotion and implementation of “Made in China 2025”, through the implementation of the “Internet Plus” action plan, new technologies such as cloud computing and big data will be incorporated into the manufacturing industry, turning manufacturing into an advanced manufacturing industry and providing effective The supply. During the period, domestic enterprises must change from winning with a price to winning with quality, speeding up the adjustment of product structure, opening up the international market, and then promoting China's manufacturing step by step from big to strong.
The reporter learned at the meeting that the forum was sponsored by the Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Committee, the People’s Government of Mianyang City, and the Administrative Committee of China’s (Mianyang) Science and Technology City, and the Mianyang City Economic and Information Committee and Shanghai Wending Information Technology Co., Ltd. Organize. The theme is “Innovation, Intelligence, and Green Development”. It aims to provide advice and suggestions for deepening reforms in the manufacturing industry, and to provide a “three-three-statement” for the transformation of enterprises, namely, a comprehensive, international, and service-oriented approach; professionalism. , advanced, high-end high-end academic exchange forum.

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