Study on Beneficiation Process of a Low Grade Copper-Molybdenum Ore in Xinjiang

A low-grade copper- molybdenum mine in Xinjiang contains 0.29% copper and 0.004% molybdenum. The copper-molybdenum mixed flotation-mixed concentrate separation process was adopted, and the obtained indexes were: molybdenum concentrate containing 46.12% molybdenum, molybdenum recovery rate of 54.32%; copper concentrate containing copper 27.33%, copper recovery rate of 88.89%.

First, the nature of the ore

(1) Analysis of chemical composition of ore and phase analysis

The main chemical composition analysis results of ore are shown in Table 1. The copper and molybdenum phase analysis results are shown in Table 2 and Table 3, respectively. The results show that copper and molybdenum mainly exist in the form of sulfides.

(2) Mineral composition

Copper ore was mainly chalcopyrite, bornite followed by a small amount, chalcocite, blue chalcocite, covellite and the like; mineral molybdenite molybdenum; also other metal mineral pyrite, tinplate ore, pyrrhotite, sphalerite and arsenopyrite, titanium, limonite, magnetite, rutile, hematite and the like; ore gangue minerals feldspar, quartz, mica, chlorite, followed tremolite, actinolite, sphene, talc, apatite, clay minerals.

(3) Embedding characteristics of main metal minerals in ore

The size of the chalcopyrite inlay is not uniform, mainly composed of fine particles. The distribution rates in the various grades are: -1.0+0.104mm, 22.34% in the grain size, and 6.369% in the -0.44+0.010mm grain size. , -0.010mm grain size accounted for 13.97%. The inlaid grain size of pyrite and pyrrhotite is also mainly fine particles, but slightly thicker than chalcopyrite. According to the characteristics of the fineness of the chalcopyrite and molybdenum ore and the mutual symbiosis, the ore needs to be finely ground.

Second, mineral processing technology research

(1) Determination of the beneficiation process plan

The chemical analysis results show that the ore contains 0.29% copper, contains 0.004% molybdenum, and has a lower grade. Copper is the main recovery element, and molybdenum can be considered for comprehensive recovery. In view of the characteristics of the ore, it is preferable to adopt a copper-molybdenum mixed flotation-mixed concentrate separation principle beneficiation process.

(2) Grinding fineness test

Mixed coarse selection of lime 500g / t, butyl xanthate 30g / t, Z-200 20g / t, grinding fineness test results shown in Figure 1. The results show that as the fineness of grinding increases, the crude recovery of copper and molybdenum also increases. For comprehensive consideration, the use of -0.074mm accounts for 65% of the grinding fineness.

(3) Test of collector type

The collector type test was carried out under the conditions of coarse selection grinding fineness -0.074 mm, 65%, and rough selection of lime, 500 g/t. The results are shown in Table 4. The results showed that the combination of butyl xanthate and Z-200 was better.

(4) Lime dosage test

The test results of the mixed rough lime dosage are shown in Fig. 2. The results show that the addition of a certain amount of lime can increase the recovery of copper in copper-molybdenum concentrate, but the amount of lime is too large to inhibit molybdenum. Therefore, lime should be added in an appropriate amount.

(5) Selective regrind test for copper-molybdenum concentrate

The results of the fineness test of the regrind grinding of copper-molybdenum coarse concentrate are shown in Fig. 3. With the increase of regrind fineness, the copper-molybdenum grade in copper-molybdenum mixed concentrate has a large increase, which indicates that re-grinding is necessary, and the regrind fineness is selected to be -0.045mm and 93%.

(6) Copper-molybdenum separation test

After re-grinding the copper-molybdenum mixed concentrate, sodium sulfide and water glass were added in the separation operation. After five times of selection, molybdenum concentrate containing 47.21% of molybdenum and 52.21% of molybdenum recovery was obtained under open circuit conditions. The molybdenum concentrate contained Copper 0.29%; at the same time, copper concentrate with copper content of 29.86% and copper recovery rate of 79.08% was obtained, and copper concentrate contained 0.003% of molybdenum.

(7) Closed circuit test results

The closed-circuit test process is shown in Figure 4, and the results are shown in Table 5.

Third, the conclusion

(1) The ore contains 0.29% copper and 0.004% molybdenum; 93.33% copper in the ore exists in the form of copper sulfide minerals; the occurrence of molybdenum is relatively simple, 95.12% of which exists in the form of molybdenite. The copper minerals such as chalcopyrite in the ore and the molybdenum ore have a fine grain size, which is closely related to the gangue and is not easily dissociated.

(2) Using copper-molybdenum mixed flotation-mixed concentrate separation process, the molybdenum concentrate contains 46.12% molybdenum, the molybdenum recovery rate is 54.32%; the copper concentrate contains 27.33% copper, and the copper recovery rate is 88.89%.


[1] Beijing Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Research report on mineral processing technology of Baogutu Huhe porphyry copper deposit [R].2008.9.

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