Refrigerated vehicle regulations for transporting refrigerated drugs

The refrigerated transport of drugs must be treated with extreme caution. If one is not careful, it will cause the deterioration of the drugs, which will not only affect the quality and effectiveness of the drugs, but also sometimes affect people's health. Therefore, the national drug transport has relevant regulations and requirements.


The provisions concerning the cold chain transportation of pharmaceuticals in the "Policy of Pharmaceutical Quality Control" include:

1. The refrigerated trucks, refrigerated trucks, and vehicle-mounted refrigerated containers and refrigerated containers for refrigerated transport and frozen drugs should meet the requirements for temperature control in the national drug transport process. The refrigerated truck should have the function of automatically regulating, displaying, storing and reading the temperature monitoring data; the refrigerator and the incubator have the function of externally displaying and collecting the temperature data in the cabinet.

2. The regular inspection, cleaning and maintenance of refrigerated trucks' storage and transportation facilities and equipment should be handled by special personnel, and records and files should be established.

During storage and transportation, the placement of cold and frozen drugs should meet the following requirements:

1. The distance between the medicines in the cold storage room and the top of the ground, walls, and storage should meet the requirements of the “Regulations”; the medicines should not be placed within the 100 cm range of the air outlet of the refrigeration unit in the cold storage and higher than the air outlet of the cooling air blower.

2. In the refrigerated compartment, the distance between the medicines placed on the front panel and the cabin should not be less than 10cm, and the distance between the rear panel, the side panels and the bottom panel should not be less than 5cm. The height of the medicine should not exceed the lower edge of the air outlet of the refrigeration unit to ensure airflow. Normal circulation and temperature distribution are even.

3. The company transports frozen and frozen drugs, should choose appropriate transportation tools and temperature control methods according to the specific conditions such as the total amount of drugs, transportation distance, transportation time, temperature requirements, and external environment temperature, so as to ensure that the control temperature in the transportation process is in an appropriate range. Inside.

4. In the process of transporting frozen and frozen drugs, the temperature in the freezer or incubator should be recorded and transmitted in real time. If the temperature exceeds the specified range during transportation, the automatic humidity monitoring system will issue an alarm, and professionals will find out the reasons and take timely measures to regulate and control.

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