· Germany's R & D flow car battery is expected to be put into production

According to the US media, the flow battery technology developed by the German startup NanoFlowcell is likely to be put into production. It is reported that the company is in talks with a major automaker about the launch of new battery technology.

The founder of the company, Nunzio La Vecchia, said that the automakers are not German companies and are interested in battery technology, not concept car design, so the Quantino and Quant concept cars will not enter mass production.

The electrolyte used in flow battery vehicles is a complex mixture containing several metal salts and other components, but no rare metals or high-priced metal materials, and no environmentally harmful components. Positive and negative two electrolyte tanks provide fuel to the flow battery.

The Quantino is equipped with 4 in-wheel engines and has a power of 109 hp. According to reports, the car can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 5 seconds. The company is currently testing two prototypes and is already registered in Germany. However, it is still to be seen whether the flow battery can replace the traditional lithium ion battery as a new power source.

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