Qingdao, Shandong adjustment of renewable water prices from the implementation of November

Downstream of China Instrument Network Instrumentation Recently, the reporter learned from the Qingdao Price Bureau in Shandong Province that in order to promote the production and application of recycled water and promote water conservation and recycling, the Municipal Price Bureau decided to adjust the three districts of the city from November 1st. Recycled water pricing policy.

The prices of reclaimed water supplied by the public network in the three districts of the city shall continue to be managed in accordance with the government's guidance price, and shall not exceed a maximum of 1.7 yuan per cubic meter. The specific price level may be negotiated between the supply and demand sides within the limited price level. At the same time, it is required that the reclaimed water supply unit strictly implement the reclaimed water pricing policy, conscientiously carry out publicity and interpretation work, and continuously improve the service quality and management level of the enterprise.

Reclaimed water refers to the water that can be used beneficially after the waste water or rainwater has been properly treated, reaches a certain water quality index, meets a certain use requirement. Compared with seawater desalination and inter-basin water transfer, reclaimed water has obvious advantages. From an economic point of view, the cost of recycled water is the lowest. From the perspective of environmental protection, the recycling of sewage will help improve the ecological environment and achieve a virtuous cycle of water ecology.

Reclaimed water, large amounts of water, stable water quality, and small seasonal and climatic influences are very valuable water resources. There are many ways to use recycled water, which can be divided into direct use and indirect use according to the user's relationship. Direct use can be divided into local use and centralized use. In most countries, reclaimed water is mainly used for irrigation of farmland and mainly used indirectly; reclaimed water from a few countries, such as Japan, is mainly used for non-potable water use in cities, and is mainly used in situ; the new trend is for the “water landscape” of urban environment. Environmental water.

Reclaimed water is used for many purposes and can be used for irrigation of farmland, landscaping (parks, campuses, highway green belts, golf courses, cemeteries, green belts and residential areas, etc.), industry (cooling water, boiler water for process water), large building flushing As well as play and environment (improving lakes, ponds, swamps, increasing river flow and fish farming, etc.), as well as municipal miscellaneous use such as firefighting, air conditioning and flushing.

(Original title: Regenerative water prices in the three districts of Qingdao City, Shandong Province, adjusted for the next month at a maximum of 1.7 yuan/m3)

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