Electrolyzed zinc ingots?

Product nature :

Zinc is a silvery white metal, fresh section having a metallic luster, zinc hexahedral crystal, soft, malleable pure zinc, the melting point of 419.85 ° C, easily oxidized in moist air.

Product use :

Zinc has a wide range of uses , mainly for electroplating zinc , alloy manufacturing , casting of precision castings , battery industry and zinc compounds and salts .

Portable X Ray Machine

XX- line of portable X-ray units is designed to the principle of low cost and high reliability, which is characteristic in convenient to carry, easy to operate, and highly automated. X-ray tube and HT coil are all produced by DNDT which guarantees system consistency and keep this unit have a longer service life.

Weight is further reduced with the using SF6 insulation and Forced cooling fan, prolongs X-ray tube life, makes this unit suitable for construction site, field work and high above the ground work..

Control unit is designed with microprocessor control and frequency conversion technique. With functions of fully automatic warm-up program, fault display, over voltage and mis-start protection, the stability and service life are much improved

Portable X Ray Machine

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