Food and Vegetables Air Drying Machine

Model NO.: GR-FGJ3
Origin: China

Air Drying Machine is widely used in packaged products, pickles, vegetables, pickled vegetables, meat, fish, soy products, herbs and other fields.


Machine is made of food grade 304 stainless steel,with infinitely variable speeds control conveyor belt. It can achieve continuous operation and remove the residual water droplets effectively.

Guangrui Air Drying Machine
Machine Model GR-FGJ3 GR-FGJ5
Type Air Drying  Air Drying 
Applicable Processing Products Vegetable/Fruits/Small Packaged Products Vegetable/Fruits/Small Packaged Products
Power    5KW/H    9KW/H
Starting System Electric Starter Electric Starter
Emergency Stop Button Yes Yes
Material SS304 SS304
Packing Type Plywood Box / Steel   Frame Plywood Box / Steel   Frame
Dimensions Packing    3000mm X  1000mm X 1300mm     5000mm X 1000mm X 1300mm
Warranty 1 Year Limited 1 Year Limited

Food and Vegetables Air Drying Machine
Food and Vegetables Air Drying Machine


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