The role of car waxing

Generally, when the car is being maintained, many people can't avoid the problem that the car paint is maintained. The appearance of the car is bright and beautiful. It will feel very face when driving out. It is like when you usually need to drive to pick up the customer when you go to work. Your car is very Dirty, very old impressions are not good, people think that you are not paying attention to others, so the maintenance of car paint must be done, let's talk about the role of car waxing, the advantages of car waxing.


1, waterproof, this waterproof is actually talking about rain and snow. It rains in the summer, sometimes it is acid rain, it is very corrosive to the car. You can't judge which one is acid rain, but now the city is polluted, the rain and snow are acidic, so Car waxing is very important. It is snowing in winter. If it is not cleaned in time, it will corrode the car paint. Therefore, waxing the car is to put on the protective clothing so that these acidic things can not touch the paint.

2, beauty, generally just bought a car when the car looks brighter, looks very good-looking, but the time spent on the general car will appear darker paint and so on. Especially after the summer wind and rain, it is very obvious, it seems that the night is getting old, but after waxing the car, it can improve the gloss of the car, at least 30%, so that the car looks like Just as beautiful when I bought it.


3, to prevent static electricity, relatively dry in the fall, so when driving the door or when starting the car, there will always be static electricity, these are because the car is dusty, the car or metal is generally very painful, so This can be avoided in order to prevent the occurrence of waxing the car.

4. In the summer, the weather is hotter than the temperature that people feel, so the car paint will be greatly hurt. In addition to waxing the car, it can also protect the car paint and can withstand high temperature. The paint paint blocks a lot of ultraviolet rays, so the paint can be prevented from falling out and getting old.


The role of car waxing, the advantages of car waxing is finished for everyone, in fact, this maintenance is only a kind of car paint maintenance, in the winter when the car is a glaze can better protect the car paint, prevent rain and snow Corrosive car paint. Waxing the car in the summer can also prevent ultraviolet rays from shining and prevent the paint from cracking. However, it is not necessary to use it very often. It can be done twice in one year. Polishing should be done as little as possible. If it is done, it will damage the paint. I hope that the Xiaobian article will be useful to everyone.

What`s the LED light?

LED is abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode, it is a new technology developed the middle of the 20th century. It is direct light relies on the electrons of semiconductor heterojunction removed by barrier energy. The light produced by LED is luminescence process which does not generate heat, the energy conversion efficiency is close to one hundred percent, long service life, and the LED light is the continuous development of lighting technology direction.

LED light-emitting principle

Light-emitting diodes (led) core part is composed of p-type and n-type semiconductor chips, between the p-type and n-type semiconductor has a transition layer, called the p-n junction. In some of the semiconductor PN junction, the minority carrier injection compound with majority carrier will release excess energy in the form of light, so as to directly convert the electric energy to light energy. PN junction to add reverse voltage, and minority carrier injection, so don't shine.

Advantages of LED lamp (light):

Voltage: LED light use the low voltage power supply, single voltage between 1.9-4v, safer than using high voltage power supply of the power supply.

Effectiveness: high light efficiency. In the laboratory the photosynthetic efficiency has reached 161lm/w (Cree), it is the highest photosynthetic efficiency in all lighting products.

Vibration resistance: LED is a solid-state light source, because of its particularity, the shock-resistant which other light source products can't compare with.

Stability: 100000 hours, droop for 70% of the original.

Response time: the response time of the LED Lights in nanoseconds, it is currently the fastest response time of all the light source products.

Environmental protection: no mercury and other harmful substances.

Color: the LED ribbon is quite narrow, light color pure, no variegated light, covering the whole visible light of the full band, and can be combined by the R\G\B into any want to visible light.

Now the LED light have been widely applied to Auto lamp, LED road light, LED street right, LED square lamp, Led Tunnel Lamp, LED Garden lamp, LED Corridor lamp, LED Mining Light, LED table lamp, LED landscape lighting and LED screens.

The some types LED lights my factory has produced as follow:

LED light

LED Lights

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