6 tons of crane with the use of attention

Daily use of 6 tons of truck cranes may be direct operation, as long as there is a corresponding certificate can open the crane, the general industry will have their own drivers. Now that the price of the truck crane has dropped, it may be considered by everyone to be a good opportunity to enter the mobile phone. However, if we compare the depth, we want to ensure that the vehicle is used for a longer period of time. Basically, some of the basic precautions for use should be made clear. Avoid some failures or potential safety hazards.


Note one, carefully read the instructions. The regular 6-ton truck crane we purchased will have a simple operation instruction. The general customer service will also tell us how to learn. In fact, as long as it is a crane, this instruction is an auxiliary, but it must also be To know how to operate. Each type of vehicle will have some operational differences, and there are some considerations that require us to understand clearly in advance, to avoid malfunction caused by improper operation.

Note two, before and after use to check. In general, we will only inspect the 6-ton crane before using it. Experienced drivers can also know what kind of situation the vehicle may be. Before and after the use of the inspection is very critical, if there are some minor faults, timely maintenance, repair can be completed within a short time, it will not affect our use later. The main thing is to be able to guarantee absolute safety in operation and ensure the safety of staff.

Note three, the fault should be repaired in time. It may be that some people think that if there is a slight problem with the 6-ton truck crane, it is not so serious, and it can be delayed for a while before it is dealt with, but this can easily induce more serious breakdowns. Therefore, failure must be promptly repaired. After all, many brands of crane manufacturers are directly helping us deal with the corresponding after-sales service. Failures do not need to be handled by us. Therefore, timely maintenance is still very convenient.

Aluminum Laser Cutting Parts

(1) It is used as a variety of industrial metal parts that like electronic component, auto spare parts, 

home appliance, industrial equipment...etc. Material grade are:  aluminum alloy5052, 6063, 6061.

(2) Software for specification drawings: Pro/E, Auto CAD, PDF, IGES/IGS, STP/STEPS, X_T, DXF etc..

(3) High precision as following: Aluminum alloy: 1mm~8mm

Accuracy: positioning accuracy: ±0.03mm, Repeated positioning accuracy: ±0.02mm

(4) Main poduction machine: Laser Cutting Machine, CNC punching machine, welder, CNC bending machine

(5) Surface treatment: Polishing, grinding, gavanized, powder coating, nickel, zinc, chrome, silver, gold plating etc.

(6) For packing: A variety of packing methods can be used according to customers' requirement, such as carton , wood box, wood crate and pallet etc.

Aluminum Laser Cutting

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