Good Quality Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

Model NO.: 50-5000L
Water Pot: Oil Pot
Trademark: Li&Li
Specification: GMP ISO9001
Origin: Guangzhou/Guangdong
HS Code: 8479820090
2016 hot sale stainless steel mixer Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer RHJ-U vacuum eumulsifying mixer
Suitable: Cream, paste, foundation, ointment, lotion, gel, conditioner, milk, sauce, etc
Capacity: 5~5000L
Contact part: SUS304/316L (three jackets, contact material parts adopt SUS316L, the other two layers adopt SUS304)
Homogenizer speed: 0~3600rpm
Scraper speed: 0~80rpm
Lifting: Hydraulic lifting system
Heating: By steam/electrically
Operation: Automatically (PLC)/manually

Main Composition
The vacuum emulsifying mixture is mainly composed of water pot, oil pot, emulsify pot, vacuum system, lifting system(optional), electric control system(PLC is optional), operation platform, ect. 

Usage and Application Field
The product is mainly applied in such industries as daily chemical care products, biopharmaceutical industry, food industry, paint and ink, nanometer materials, petrochemical industry, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, pulp& paper, pesticide fertilizer, plastic&rubber, electric and electronics, fine chemical industry, ect, the emulsifying effect is more prominent for materials of high base viscosity and high solid content. 

Performance & Features
The vacuum emulsifying produced by our company include many varities. The homogenizing systems include upper homogenization, lower homogenization, internal and external circulating homogenization. The mixing systems include single-way mixing, double-way mixing and helical ribbon mixing. The lifting systems includes single-cylinder lifting and double-cylinder lifting. Varies high quality products can be customized according to customer 's requirements. 
The triple mixing adopts the imported frequency converter for speed adjustment, which can meet different technological demands. 
The homogenization structure made through. German technology adopts the imported double-end mechanical seal effect. The maximum emulsifying rotation speed can reach 4200 rpm and the highest shearing fineness can reach 0.2-5um. 
The vacuum defoaming can make the materials meet the requirement of being aseptic. The vacuum material sucking is adopted, and especially for the power materials, vacuum sucking can avoid dust. 
The emulsifying pot lid can adopt lifting system, easy to clean and the cleaning effect is more obvious, the emulsifying pot can adopt tilt discharge. 
The pot body is welded by imported three-layer stainless steel plate. The tank body and the pipes adopt mirror polishing, which fully conforms to GMP requirements. 
According to technological requirements, the tank body can heat or cool the materials. The heating modes mainly include steam heating or electric heating to ensure the control of the whole machine is more stable, the electric appliances adopt imported configurations, so as to fully meet the internal standards. 

Technical Parameter 



Stir motor


Total power


KW R/min KW R/min


RHJ-U5 5 0.18 0-63 0.37 0-3000 5 2
1260x540x1600/1850 -0.09
RHJ-U10 10 0.37 0-63 0.75 0-3000 6 3 1300x580x1600/950 -0.09
RHJ-U50 50 1.1 0-63 3-5.5 3000 18 9 2600x2250x1950/2700 -0.085
RHJ-U100 100 1.5 0-63 4-7.5 3000 32 13 2750x2380x2100/2950 -0.085
RHJ-U200 200 2.2 0-63 5.5-11 3000 45 15 2750x2750x2350/3350 -0.085
RHJ-U300 300 2.2 0-63 7.5-11 3000 49 18 2900x2850x2450/3500 -0.085
RHJ-U500 500 4 0-63 11 3000 63 24 3650x3300x2850/4000 -0.85
RHJ-U1000 1000 5.5 0-63 15 3000 90 30 4200x36503300/4800 -0.85
RHJ-U2000 2000 7.5 0-63 15 3000 - 40 4850x4300x3800/5400 -0.85
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1. We are a direct manufacturer and our priority is your complete satisfaction. 
2. Logo printing: We can print any logo as per your requires on the case. 
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Our advantage
The lowest price in the same factory and service-oriented, an investment, a hundred years to benefit our company is strong in technology, reliable product quality, shelf, implementation of Three Guarantees, the agency checked, large-tonnage available to your factory processing our order! 

Our company
Guangzhou Li&Li Mechanical Equipment Co, . Ltd. Is professional corporation that mainly operates design, manufacture, installation and debugging of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, etc. Equipments. Enterprise strictly implements the ISO9001 standard management, with strong technical force, complete detection equipment, advanced process and complete product variety which including all kinds of Reaction Kettle, agitator bath, Storage Tank, vacuum emulsifying machine, conveyor, filling machine and non-standard equipments process and manufacture; Electrical engineering, automatic-control engineering, pipe design and equipment installation. 

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